Wolftech News

Empowering multiplatform publishing

Wolftech News is a tool that truly stimulates creativity and collaboration. It gives both executives and journalists the best possible solution to work efficiently, manage stories and deliver content to multi-platform publishing.

Save time

We want you to spend more time on story creation, research and getting things published rather than administration and redundant communication. News makes you work faster.


We know that you need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. News is optimized for smartphones and tablets, as well as a full desktop experience.


Integrating resource planning functionality within News provides a connection between story, equipment and personnel to give you the whole picture, and total control.

News war room

The map is central in locating stories, personnel and other resources, and shows real time map data through GPS tracking. This way you can find the nearest resources and respond swiftly to an event, while the distance and arrival time to any position is automatically calculcated. By choosing the closest resource to respond to a news event, you have a significant advantage in winning the news battle!

Fast lane publishing

By accessing content straight from social media and having a complete view on what is beeing worked on in your organization, it is easy to publish your version of a story fast directly from News. We are integrated with Newsroom systems, Social Media, CMS and more.

Work smarter

The most available tool at any time is your smartphone. Our apps for Android and iOS gives you access to the core information in News. Smart notifications, feeds, story editing and logs help you perform better, and let you know what is on the agenda.


Our smartphone apps are able to broadcast positional data for personnel when needed. High Risk and Alarm modes improve safety, and real time location data lets you efficiently manage your resources.

Save tools

Traditional news work makes use of many tools, sometimes for doing simple tasks. News let you do your most common tasks directly inside the program, and integrate with newsroom and MAM systems to handle the rest.

Always updated

News is in the cloud, and will get increasingly better as new features become available. There is no need for costly upgrades. All you need is a modern web browser.

A consistent product

Our aim is to provide similar functionality and design on all platforms, giving you an easy-to-use and recognisable interface whether you're on mobile, desktop or tablet. It's possible to move seamlessly between devices to continue working on your story in an already familiar environment.

Integration platform

We have realized that it is difficult and complicated for an organisation to change their existing systems. This is why we have built an integration platform and workflow management module to ease interactions with existing systems such as rundown, HR, booking, MAM, Social Media and more. This gives organizations a much easier transition to a modern workflow step by step and in conjunction with what is already in use.

We are connecting the bits

Central to News is the Story - and we put it in context with what else is going on. By connecting functions and tasks and making them accessible to everyone, common information is shared, tasks are optimized and there are fewer loose ends. Wolftech News gathers content from social media and news agencies, accesses video directly from the source and let you share and communicate everything with ease. Your job is being the best possible Storyteller.

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